About me

I am an Instructor at the Division of Oncology, Department of Medicine, Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis. Prior to that I completed my postdoc training at the McDonnell Genome Institute at Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis, working with Christopher Maher, on "canceromics". Earlier, I was a graduate student in the Genetics, Bioinformatics, and Computational Biology program at Virginia Tech, working under the supervision of Christopher Lawrence at the Virginia Bioinformatics Institute (now the Biocomplexity Institute), on fungal genomics and "allergomics". Before that, I was an undergraduate student at the School of Information and Communication Technology at Hanoi University of Science and Technology in Vietnam, where I developed a (currently inactive) Vietnamese search engine in my senior thesis (with Dr. Binh Nguyen).

In Vietnamese, my name is written Đặng Xuân Hà.

Abbreviated CV


    • Postdoc, Washington University in St. Louis, 2014 - 2016

    • Ph.D., Virginia Tech, Genetics/Bioinformatics & Computational Biology, 2014

    • B.E., Hanoi University of Science and Technology, Computer Science, 2003


    • AACR-Aflac, Inc. Scholar-in-Training Award, 2015

    • Vietnam Education Foundation (http://vef.gov) Professional Development Grant, 2007-2014

    • Vietnam Education Foundation Fellows and Scholars Service Award, 2011

    • Vietnam Education Foundation Travel Grant, 2009

    • Vietnam Education Foundation Doctoral Fellowship, 2007-2009

    • Excellence in teaching, Vietnam National University of Agriculture, 2006

    • TOKAI scholarship for outstanding academic performance, 2000

    • Vietnam’s Ministry of Education and Training scholarship, 1999


  • Editor for: Vietnam Journal of Science

  • Reviewer for: Nature Genetics, Nature Communications, Clinical Cancer Research, Molecular Cancer Research, Journal of the National Cancer Institute, PloS Genetics, The Journal of Pathology, BMC Genomics, BMC Cancer, GigaScience, Scientific Reports, FEBS Letters, Thoracic Disease, Molecular Biology Reports


    • Founder and President, Vietnamese Community at Virginia Tech (aka. Viet Tech), 2010-2012

    • Champion, Virginia Tech's summer intramural tennis tournament, 2010

    • Delegate, Virginia Tech's Genetics/Bioinformatics & Computational Biology program, 2009


(* co-first authors / # co-senior authors; see full list at my Google Scholar Profile or my PubMed collection)

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